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Common Concerns

Common Concerns

People are sometimes concerned that they will ‘lose control’ in hypnosis. However, general consensus indicates that regardless of how deeply people may go in hypnosis and however passive they may appear to be, they actually remain in full control of the situation. They are fully able to talk if they wish to and can stand up and leave the room at any time. Neither can a hypnotised person be made to do anything against their usual ethical or moral judgement or religious belief.

It is likely that the notion of a loss of control stems from most people’s misconception of stage hypnosis, wherein participants are apparently made to perform all manner of usually foolish acts like on the  TV show – “Back in the Room”.

However, the people should be aware that participation in a stage act is an entirely voluntary process (thus ‘permission’ is already given to the hypnotist before the show) and that there can be no such volunteer who is unaware of exactly what they are letting themselves in for!

That’s not what we do here – you may be shocked to hear. haha