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Stress & Anxiety

” This was my second time trying out hypnotherapy. I found it difficult to relax first time round with the Hypnotherapist. This time it was different, Sharon was able to put me at ease quickly by explaining what would happen during the sessions. I was over stressed with work, exams and on top of that my first pregnancy. I needed something to help me de-stress and feel like myself again. After session one I was starting to notice a change. Then by the time I had finished my forth session I felt like a new me. We worked on being pro-active instead of re-active to situations then I felt more in control again. ”
Claire, 30 (Accountant)

Weight Loss

“Can’t thank Sharon enough for all the help and support given to me, I had my doubts about hypnotherapy at first, but losing almost a stone in in 4 weeks and feeling amazing within myself has definitely changed my opinion! Thanks for changing my perspective, and my life, couldn’t have done it without u. Very friendly, helpful and professional and felt completely at ease with her. Thanks Sharon! xx”

Gemma 31 (Cafe Manager) 

Virtual Gastric Band 

“I Had the 4 session gastric band hypnotherapy with Sharon. It was a great experience that I looked forward to every week. It not only served the purpose that it was supposed to but I found it to be a great wind down/stress and anxiety relief to boot. Would thoroughly recommend Stait of Mind, Sharon is a very relaxing therapist who instantly puts you at ease, ensuring you get the maximum benefit from each session. ”

Isabel 37 (Private Nurse) 

Virtual Gastric Band

“Hey guys, I recently went along to Sharon’s clinic for a hypno gastric band and I had 3 sessions which have helped to change the way that i view food now and the choices that I make in regards to eating. I gained around 3 stone in the last 2 years and finally decided to seek help because eating had become a huge problem with me being addicted to sugar, mainly chocolate. I booked in with Sharon and from the first session I started thinking more about what I was eating and if I really needed it. As time has progressed I am now at the stage where I just eat if my body needs it and with treats, I eat them if I want as opposed to believing I have to have them. It’s now 6 weeks since i took control and I’ve lost 18lbs as I do the gym too. I know the results wouldn’t have been anywhere near as good without changing my eating habits as it’s 80% nutrition and 20% exercise. Thanks for reading and thanks Sharon Tait x”

Carey 28 (Driving Instructor)

Virtual Gastric Band

“I had the Gastric Band Hypnotherapy sessions. It was fantastic I ended up finding the root to my snacking and emotional eating. Then I had the band fitted I can still imagine the smell of the hospital antiseptic. By making me think I’ve had the band fitted I am now unable to eat large portions. Now thinking my stomach is smaller I’ve automatically began to make other changes all helping me to lose more and more weight. I’m so glad I decided to go for this.” Jacqueline (53 – Retired) 

Sports Enhancement

“I started working with sharon to help with the mental side of things in my fighting career, I compete in muay thai boxing and felt i was missing that slight “edge” or “instict” in the ring. In just 6 sessions I feel like a new man, I have learned invaluable techniques and overcame any self doubt or underlying issues that sometimes I didnt even know I had!

I have learned to feel calm, confident and strong whenever and wherever I need to, so much so that I recerly competed in one of the top thaiboxing promotions in scotland and put on the best and most dominant performances of my career so far!
Cant recommend sharon enough she has helped me beyond all expectation and im 100% confident she could help anyone overcome any difficultys that they may face in their life.
Thankyou for all your help sharon!!”

Billy 27 (Muay Thai Fighter)

Self Development 

” Sharon is an amazing practitioner – delighted she’s within our clinic – simply chatting to her daily inspires me … we see so many success stories daily, her approach is no nonsense direct & to the point to achieve her clients goals.

Sharon always has a personal approachable side but be assured if it’s effective results you’re after you’re gonna be empowered and energised to make changes that will take you on a massive leap towards your goals!

Don’t hesitate, I’ve worked with therapists for 20 years and it takes a lot for me to give an endorsement – if you want results … book now!”

Andrew – (Laser Company Director)

Spider Phobia 

” I’ve had a fear of spiders all my life. They just stress me out. My friend told me that Hypnotherapy can help with Spider phobia so I thought it was worth a try. It only took one session for my fear to disappear like magic, I couldn’t believe it. Highly recommend and great price too. ”
Symone 25 (Insurance Advisor)

Weight Loss

” My first experience with hypnotherapy was not so positive. It was in the home of a male therapist, his home was not relaxing or even tidy.
So arriving at Stait of Mind Clinic in Glasgow I was pleasantly surprised it was professional, warm and relaxing.
Initially I was unsure what to expect so I was happy when it was all explained to me clearly by Sharon. My first session I was a bit over tired from doing night shift before so found it harder to concentrate. Then by the second third and fourth sessions I was making positive changes towards losing weight. I was finding it easier to make healthy snack choices and I was much more motivated to exercise. I still use the self-Hyonosis tips I was taught to keep me on track. I am motivated to keep going and lose more weight. Thank you.  ”
Elizabeth 56 (Support Worker)

Quit Smoking

” After years of trying to stop smoking and ‘kidding’ myself on I was going to stop, my fiancé fell pregnant and I knew it was time to stop as I didn’t want to be smelling of cigarettes around my new born child. I researched different methods and gave up on the E cig as I was swapping one addiction for the other when I came across hypnotherapy. I was skeptical at first but after looking into I decided to give it a go, I looked around and came across Sharon and after a 5min conversation I felt she could help. Sharon was very professional and after the first session I could feel the cravings leaving and felt very relaxed, now since my sessions the thought of a cigarette is disgusting so thank you Sharon and I would highly recommend it to anyone else in a similar position. ”
Bradley 28 (Sales Manager)

Stress Management

“After using Using Hypnotherapy to stop smoking, cold turkey with no patches, cravings or weight gain. I was confident that hypnotherapy would be useful when I started my new job to keep me focused and motivated. “Just get it done” was my new Moto after a few sessions with Sharon. We worked on variety of Different topics each session was different, all of them based around me getting organised and focused. I felt a real boost to get things done there and then instead of putting things off. Even after my first session I went home and gutted my house. I recommend Sharon for Hypnotherapy, well worth the money. ”
Carol 44 (Sales Manager)

Anxiety Management

” I loved Hypnotherapy with Sharon. Normally I’m to tense to relax, I was so surprised when we started our sessions and how comfortable I felt. I’ve had other therapy for anxiety in the past, it was ok. Using the Hypnotherapy for anxiety is far better though since I’m not doing all the talking and feeling under pressure to express myself. I was overwhelmed with how powerful some of our sessions were. I was starting to change and other people even noticed it too. If you have anxiety then book with Sharon, you won’t regret it.  “

Arlene 32 (Salon Owner)

Quit Smoking

” I stopped smoking with Stait of Mind Hypnotherapy. The girl was good at her job and the clinic was professional. “

Ali 50 (Shop Owner)

Stress & Anxiety

” I’m usually stressed out so much, I didn’t even notice that’s why I was snapping with everyone. I had such a short fuse. Now after hypnotherapy sessions I’m a different person. I’m far more chilled out and don’t let things bother me so much. Me, my family and colleagues are all grateful that I don’t snap so easily now. Get booked with Sharon. “

Elaine 37 (Recruitment Manager)


” I had tried a million times to stop. Working on it with Sharon has changed my life. “

John 41 (Joiner)