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What is Hypnotherapy?

What is Hypnotherapy? 

Hypnotherapy is using the state of hypnosis to treat a variety of medical and psychological problems.

Psychological therapy and counselling ‘the talking cure’ is the treatment of emotional and psychological disorders, unwanted habits and undesirable feelings, using psychological techniques alone. The aim of all such therapy is to assist people in finding meaningful alternatives to their present unsatisfactory ways of thinking, feeling or behaving. Therapy also tends to help clients become more accepting both of themselves and others and can be most useful in promoting personal development and unlocking inner potential.

There are many forms of psychological therapy but Hypnotherapy is distinctive in that it attempts to address the client’s subconscious mind. In practice, the Hypnotherapist often requires the client to be in a relaxed state, frequently enlists the power of the client’s own imagination and may utilise a wide range of techniques from storytelling, metaphor or symbolism (judged to be meaningful to each individual client) to the use of direct suggestions for beneficial change. Analytical techniques may also be employed in an attempt to uncover problems deemed to lie in a client’s past or therapy may concentrate more on a client’s current life and presenting problems. It is generally considered helpful if the client is personally motivated to change, rather than relying solely on the therapist’s efforts – although a belief in the possibility of beneficial change may be a sufficient starting point.

Regardless of the techniques employed, perhaps the most important thing is that a client should expect to feel comfortable and at ease with their therapist.

Hypnotherapists will combine hypnotic procedures with other appropriate counselling and therapeutic techniques.

Should there be any doubt about the combination of skills utilised in individual cases, the therapist should be asked directly for a further explanation of their preferred methodology.