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Skype Therapy

Skype Therapy Worldwide

Skype Therapy is getting more popular these days as people become more comfortable with using new technologies to communicate.

Skype therapy may suit you if:

  • You live in a remote area with limited options for finding a Therapist.
  • You find it hard to get out and about to visit your therapist, for instance due to mobility issues.
  • You don’t have the extra time to spare for travelling to see your therapist.
  • You would prefer a counsellor who is unlikely to know anyone within your close circles.
  • You have found a counsellor who seems perfect for your needs, but he/she lives in a different area.
  • You feel more comfortable and relaxed in your own familiar surroundings.

What do I need for Skype Therapy?

Skype is very easy to use.  All you need is a Skype account (available for free at http://www.skype.com/en/), a computer / phone / tablet with a webcam and microphone facility, and a fast and reliable internet connection.

Is there anything else I need to be aware of?

During Skype therapy, you will want to ensure you have a quiet private place to speak, where you will not be disturbed.  If you have children in the house, make sure an adult is there to guard them.  This is for their safety and your own comfort, so you can relax during your therapy session knowing you will not be interrupted in any way.  It’s also a good idea to turn off your phone so you can remain undisturbed throughout your session.

What happens if we lose our Skype connection?

If anything happens to break our Skype connection we can continue our session via telephone.

How much does Skype Therapy cost?

A 60 minute session of Skype therapy costs £60.  I also do discounts for courses booked in advance.  Payment must be made at least 24 hours before the session is due to begin.

Skype Hypnotherapy sessions last up to 90 minutes and cost £90.

What if I have to cancel?

For any cancellations / amendments to bookings I require a minimum of 48 hours’ notice, otherwise I will have to charge you for the session.

What about Confidentiality?

Good question.  One of the key points to counselling is that it offers a space to speak in confidentiality.  However, there are limits to confidentiality – for instance, if your counsellor feels that you, or somebody close to you, is in danger, or are engaged in illegal activities, then they are under obligation to inform the relevant parties.

Skype therapy has the same limits to confidentiality, plus you need to consider that your information is being transmitted electronically, so it may be compromised in some way.  A good security system on your computer is always a good idea.  Also, it is worth remembering that Microsoft (who own Skype) monitors users for potential terrorist activities.  Check out Microsoft’s Privacy Policy for more detailed information on this.

Is there anyone who shouldn’t choose Skype Therapy?

I use Skype Therapy to work with people who are experiencing lots of different issues – for instance anxiety, anger, relationship problems, weight gain, lack of confidence/low self esteem, etc.

However, if you are experiencing profound mental health issues, and/or have suicidal thoughts, I would recommend you don’t choose Skype Therapy, and see a therapist face-to-face instead, as you may need that extra support of a physical presence with you who can liase with your GP if needs be.

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